The Blue Bermondsey BID was proposed by the Blue Bermondsey Business Association (BBBA) a core group of businesses who have been campaigning for the last ten years for a better deal for local businesses in the area and was developed for the benefit of those businesses, with consideration of also benefitting the local community within the BID location.

The BBBA had been very successful in raising the profile of the area within the local council and had been instrumental in attracting investment from the council into the area. In 2009 the BBBA became aware of the BID model after contributing to a BID feasibility study on the prospect of a BID in a smaller location such as the Blue, which concluded that there was sufficient interest among local businesses to establish a BID. Based on this evidence the BBBA began to explore a BID for the Blue.

Three years of thorough research and consultation by the BBBA followed and in May 2013 to comply with the requirements of BID legislation as set out in the Business Improvement Districts (England) Regulations 2004, our findings were sent to the secretary of state for Communities and Local Government, requesting permission to hold a ballot. The proposals were accepted and with funding from the GLA and DCLG loan fund the BBBA formed the Blue Bermondsey BID steering group which culminated a yes vote for the BID for the area in July 2014. This means that the BID will operate for a maximum of five years within the legislative framework and must go through a renewal ballot process to secure another term of up to five years.

The Blue Bermondsey BID is governed by an interim board made up of BID levy payers representing the BID area and operates as a partnership vehicle, accountable to the levy paying businesses and all elements of development, management and renewal are open and transparent with a responsibility to effectively communicate with its contributors to ensure there is a two-way exchange of information.


Jack Shah – Blu 1

Leslie Hutchins – Robert Guy Services

Kevin Quinn – Southwark News

Katherine Rodgers – Grosvenor

Michael Donovan – Duns Deli

Mark Bean – Trispace Gallery

Russell Dryden – BID Manager

Board member for Southwark Council is; Cllr Leo Pollak

The interim board will operate until the first AGM to be held in the Autumn

(Date and venue TBC)

The board are working on many initiatives for the area and have initiated:

  • Regular attendance at Police ward panel meetings, working with the Police and local ward councillors to implement an effective business watch scheme for the area
  • A partnership with local waste removal company AJ Pain to deliver free recycling and discounted waste removal which will be launched in September
  • Commonplace Blue Bermondsey; an online survey where local stakeholders can add their comments and suggestions on how we can improve the look and feel of the area
  • Partnership with Southwark works to help get local people into local jobs
  • The forging of links with local schools and have been instrumental in the foundation of the Bermondsey Community Kitchen which will train young people for a career in the catering sector
  • Have established Blue Bermondsey facebook page which has attracted over 2,000 likes and highly active twitter account and regular adverts in local press spotlighting the area
  • Have attracted £25,000.00 in additional funding from Southwark Councils High Street Challenge to create murals in John Bull arch which will involve all stakeholders in its creation.
  • Have staged several events in the area most notably the highly successful Blue Christmas event and are working on a full calendar of events for the area

The BID board, made up of local business representatives, have pledged their time and commitment to delivering on the aims and objectives as set out in the BID proposal and a long term vision for the area to bring long term benefits to levy paying businesses.